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A diamond is a precious gem stone. It has relatively high optical dispersion that disperses light of different colors. Jewelry made of these stones is preferred by all, but now-a-days many stone are available that mimic real one. Therefore you must be cautious while buying this gem. The best way to tell whether it is fake or real one is to get it evaluate by a skilled appraiser. Still there are ways by using which you can know it yourself. Some of the techniques are as follows.

Place the stone on a piece of newspaper or  visit –   the page of a book. It should be placed directly over some text. Now watch it. If the texts get magnified in the stone, then it is not a real gem because stones deflect light and doesn’t magnify.

Another method is light test. Hold the stone up to a small bright light from a penlight or other focused light source. If it is possible to see through to the other side, it is not a stone. A stone will create a halo around the stone.

It is also possible to identify stone through its setting. Mainly they are set in an open back setting since the stone deflects light more in an open setting. In addition, real stones are going to be set in better metals — not inferior ones like 10kt gold. Consequently it is easy to recognize them.

You can ask for its certification to the retailer. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certifies stones. If a stone doesn’t have a certification or only a certification from the jewelry retailer, it may not be a real one.

Diamonds are categorized by color using alphabet letters from D to Z. Stones scored between D-J are nearly colorless. These are more valuable. Stones graded K-Z is offered in different colors, shades and tints.

Diamond can slice glass. Use it to cut on a glass. If the stone can make a scratch on the glass, then it may be a real one. But, even cubic zirconium also cuts through glass.


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