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Car Audio Speakers to Consider

Car audio speakers come in many different sizes and are made up of multiple subwoofer cones. More cones means better quality of sound usually, but it is not as simple a that. For example home theater systems are usually setup to give you a surround sound experience just as you would get by watching a movie at the cinema. Car audio sound systems can also be set up so that the music entertainment also gives a surround sound feel. You can do this two ways, buy a package with multiple speakers and follow the instructions very carefully or buy the individual components yourself and manually link up the different parts.

Wireless Bluetooth setup

The one of the most common wireless technologies in regard to car audio systems appears to be Bluetooth. This allows devices such as mobile phones, cameras and camcorder’s to be linked up and data exchanged via the storage mediums. This setup option enables car audio speakers to be coordinated in a large number of ways using little battery and power consumption. To check if your auto music entertainment package has Bluetooth enabled you will need to check the instruction manual or possibly just the box in product comes in.

Are installation services required?

Most entertainment systems installation services are only required if you have very little practical experience of setting up electrical equipment with wires and so on. In my opinion if you can get a good deal from your local car garage for installation services then you should go with this option. This ensures the usually expensive product is correctly installed, which reduces the chances of damage and poor sound quality coming out of the individual subwoofers.

You can get free installation services when buying car audio speakers at particular retail outlets. This is done by experienced an technically trained individuals. To add to this free services you will usually get a period of about 3 months where any installation problems can be corrected for free.

However if you think you are not ready to spend money on something which you can do yourself then you need to remember that installing electrical equipment on a car is much more difficult than doing so in your home such as a power magnolia home theater.

Car speakers with carbon fibre

Carbon fiber car speakers are becoming more popular every year. This material is very light but also very strong which is perfect for the inside of subwoofer cones. This higher quality of guaranteed sound does however come at a higher cost. High end brands such as Bose and Pioneer use carbon fibre to manufacture the majority of their car speaker cones.


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